October 20, 2017

Hello Lovelies,

So, it’s almost Halloween and I know for some of you that means your favourite time of year! I’m not too crazy about Halloween, the whole dressing up thing has never been my favourite, probably because I usually leave my costume until the last second and then find myself in a mad panic to throw something together which usually looks like  garbage…yup, pretty certain that’s why I’m not a fan. As a mom though I am on top of the costumes, the boys have had their costumes organized for months now (just waiting on Daddy to fix a fire truck…hopefully you read this post, Chad…haha!)

So, I thought we were all good to go for this whole Halloween thing until a friend of mine said to me, “so, what are you going to do about Halloween?” … I told her that I was all ready to go (feeling pretty proud of myself, I might add!) Then she said, “no, not the costumes, the candy!” and I proceeded to stare blankly… you see apparently there is a great debate in the Mom world as to what to do about Halloween candy. Should you allow your kids to eat it? Should you give them one then take the rest away? Should you hide it? Should you let them choose a few and trade the rest in for a toy or book or something? Should you donate it? Should you send it to school and have the teacher deal with it? The list of what to do or not do goes on… I had NO idea that this was even a thing that I should be considering. Such a BIG thing in fact that if you google “what to do with all the Halloween candy” several Mom blogs, forums, chat groups etc. pop up to help you solve this debate…

Maybe I am naive and don’t truly understand because I haven’t been through this yet but for me the answer is easy… I am a strong believer in everything in moderation. On Halloween night, after he has gone trick-or-treating I expect that Jack will come home, dump out his candy (which won’t be that much, he’s only TWO!) and will want to eat some. We will let him choose a few maybe three, four maybe even five?! He will eat them with a huge grin on his face and will share a few with Mom and Dad. Then back into the bucket they will go and I will take them and put them away. Then on days when he is deserving of a treat (all he has to do is give me that little smile of his and say please but shhh don’t tell him that!) I will let him choose a treat. It might take a month, probably less with Mom and Dad sneaking a few, and then all the candy will be gone. Done! Now I am sure there will be days where he will cry and ask for another one or days when he wants one but doesn’t really deserve one but we will figure that out when we get there. I don’t feel like we need to make a big ordeal out of this or reinvent the wheel. It’s Halloween, it’s supposed to be fun and a treat here and there isn’t going to hurt anyone…so happy trick-or-treating!!! Whatever you decide to do with your kids candy, I hope it goes well for you…sometimes for your sake and theirs I think it’s okay to just relax a little and let them have their fun, after all they are only kids for so long.

Happy Halloween, Ox

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