This is 34.

March 4, 2018
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Hello lovelies.

I’ve recently completed another trip around the sun. Birthdays have always been a strange thing for me as I’m one of those rare Leap Year babies (or as my friend Ian would say, I’m a Leapling) and people never quite know on those non-leap years when I celebrate. Truth be told, I never really liked the idea of birthdays as I didn’t like the idea of getting older. I did, however, appreciate that you are reminded on your birthday of all the people that make up the fabric of your life and how loved you really are. Thanks, Facebook lol.

I felt inspired by a dear friend to write about the 34 things that make me, me. These are the things that I know for sure…

  1. My life gets better every single year. Period.
  2. Making time for fitness is paramount to my success. The answer to everything is to have a good sweat.
  3. I have the choice; every day I get to show up and decide how I react, how I feel and how I make those around me feel.
  4. Grief and joy can exist together at the same time and that is nothing to feel guilty about.
  5. Laughter changes everything.
  6. Disagreement does not mean there is less love, it means there is more to learn.
  7. On that note: I’ve got a lot to learn.
  8. When I’m vulnerable and say what it is that I’m seeking, the universe almost always opens the door. Being ready to walk through the door is the difficult part.
  9. It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, people that love you want to be able to help. It makes them feel good, too.
  10. Travel and culture are my greatest teachers. Do as the Italians do, and go to Italy to learn what that is.
  11. I’m an introvert. I feel energized by being alone or with my close circle. It feels liberating to say that out loud.
  12. If people think I can do it all, I’ve not shown my authentic self.
  13. I’m my best and happiest self when I’m in nature.
  14. Being a mom has kicked my ass. My parents are superheroes.
  15. My daughter has taught me true patience and unconditional love. She has changed me for the better.
  16. I’m learning to listen to myself and when the answer is “I should” instead of “I want to”, it’s time to re-evaluate.
  17. Time is my currency. I want to spend it more wisely.
  18. I’m on the verge of a fundamental change in my life. It’s exciting and terrifying.
  19. I want my daughter to remember this: always, always be kind.
  20. Let’s get real: I will never be able to commit to flossing my teeth every day. I’m over it.
  21. Fear, in every capacity, is my greatest obstacle.
  22. When I live outside my comfort zone I find my greatest joy.
  23. If I’m going to spend the calories, I always make sure it’s on good wine.
  24. Community and connectedness are what I seek most, and when I lack these things I lack true contentment.
  25. Gratitude is a muscle. I need to flex it every damn day in order for it to grow.
  26. I feel most grounded in clean, calm and beautiful spaces.
  27. If a task takes less than 5 minutes to complete, do it right away. Procrastination kills productivity.
  28. I want to create a life that I don’t feel I need to take a vacation from.
  29. Tapping into creativity helps me achieve my highest and best self. Practice art in whatever form that fills your cup.
  30. I feel most purposeful when I am helping myself and others achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  31. I have to be mindful and conscious to instill everything above. It does not come naturally to me.
  32. Yoga and meditation are life.
  33. My life mantra: be present over perfect.
  34. Aging is a privilege. Act like it.


With gratitude,


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