Mother’s Day

May 3, 2018
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Hello lovelies,

Well, we can finally say that spring is here! It’s been a LONG winter and now that the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the grass is getting greener everything just feels that much better. Somehow we are into May and while that just snuck up on us out of nowhere, it’s amazing because it means we are that much closer to summer!! Before we fly through May and somehow end up in August we have to take sometime and think about how we will show the most important woman in each of our lives the love and thanks they deserve every single day but especially on Mother’s Day.

I always find that finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is stressful. Maybe that’s because I always hope that it’s the perfect gift and that it somehow expresses all of the love, gratitude and admiration I have for my Mom. I know it’s not about the gift and that what we do together and express to our Mom’s is far more important and memorable but I still search for the perfect gift each and every year… so far this year I am really stuck and Mother’s Day is getting so close!! Hopefully some of the ideas on our list will work perfectly for your Mom (and hopefully putting this list together will help me decide!?!)

  1. If you are in the metro-Vancouver or Toronto area, give Landeau (we are sooo jealous in #yyc) While flowers can seem a bit cliche and underwhelming these roses will not disappoint. The flower delivery service takes flower delivery to a simply luxurious level perfect for Mother’s Day.
  2. Chocolates… another typical and boring gift idea unless you order your Mom chocolates from the award winning Chocolate Lab. These chocolates are beautiful, unique and delicious taking the chocolate experience and turning it into a memory. If you are from Calgary then they are local, if not they deliver and they are still good as ever (I’ve sent these to BC before).
  3. Swell water bottle … while these aren’t new, they are tried and true, keeping your cold beverages cold or your hot beverage hot with so many style options you are sure to find the one perfect for your mom. These water bottles are a little more expensive than your typical water bottle and that’s why they are on the list because they are just the type of thing Moms want but say they don’t need (instead they buy something for their kids), so get them the fancy water bottle already!
  4. The perfect gift your kids (hint hint dad’s!!!) can give to their Mom or Grandmothers is the book I Love Mom with the very Hungry Caterpillar. So cute, be rea dy for the water works and all of the kisses oxoxox
  5. Handmade in Vancouver since 1994 these Sid Dickens memory blocks are beautiful. With so many different blocks to choose from you are sure to find the one that suits your Mom perfectly and once it’s up on her wall it will always remind her of her favourite child hahaha kidding!
  6. It’s no secret that I love wine, but what I love just as much is an aesthetically beautiful bottle that also serves as table decor. This ice mold wine chiller is a totally different take on the usual Mother’s Day gift suspects.
  7. I know that busy mom’s don’t take a lot of time alone, but if you get those coveted moments why not spend them in the tub with a gorgeous bathtub caddy. It’s a great gift because it looks amazing and it doubles as an excuse for Mom to kick back and relax, while enjoying a quiet beverage and a good book…ALL ALONE!!!

Hopefully if a gift for mom is still on your list one of these will give you the inspiration you need to get it done! To all the beautiful Mamas out there we send huge hugs and lots of love your way this Mother’s Day.

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