Who We Are

This blog was started by two mom’s – Lauren and Lauren. Cute, right? Same, same but different. In the chaos of raising tiny humans we strive to find some balance between mom, wife, sister, auntie and friend; all while holding some space to be who we are as well.

Lauren Poitras

Mama to Reese. Wife to Nigel. Lover of wine, nature, travel and beautiful spaces. I’m at my best when I’m outdoors and on the move. A doer of many things; a master of none. A sensitive soul who loves with reckless abandon. A self-proclaimed health nut. A book nerd undercover. This blog is part of my journey through motherhood – the raw, the real and the humorous.


Lauren Badgley

“Describe yourself… ” I always find this hard to do. Wife to Chad, with whom I get to navigate this wild life that is raising our two beautiful boys,  Jack and Linden. I am a strong believer that motherhood doesn’t mean that I have to give up everything that makes me, me. Through this blog I want to share and explore how I try to find the balance of this crazy, amazing and beautiful life I am lucky to live.