The only baby gift you’ll ever need to buy…

September 26, 2017

Hello lovelies.

Have you ever received an invite to a baby shower and then underwent the daunting task of going to the store, printing out the registry and wandering aimlessly around the store to make sure you got the right type of bottle or the right type of swaddle? As a follow up to our “Baby Item Essentials”, I felt compelled to spotlight this product as its an absolute essential in our house. It may not be on a new mama-to-be’s registry, however, that’s likely because it is so overwhelming getting your nursery and life organized for the new bundle of joy that the months following bringing babe home are still a distant blur.

Enter: the lobster chair. I cannot tell you how many times we have been stopped out at restaurants or at picnics asking where we got her chair. It has been our key to success to enjoying afternoons or evenings out whether that be out at a restaurant or even at a friend’s home. We traveled quite a bit during Reese’s first year and this was so easy to pack it never felt like an inconvenience to include in our luggage.

Why we love it?

  • it is compact with functional carry case
  • it comes with a tray for added hygiene
  • it fits onto 99.9% of tables (we only had one incident where it didn’t fit on a metal outdoor round table with a large rounded lip)
  • it grows with baby and can be used from the time they sit up to well over a year

Guzzie and Gus also makes a version of this chair that some of our friends have purchased and have enjoyed equally. I have not personally tried this chair but the concept is the same as the Phil & Ted version.

Now go and put your feet up and order it online, delivered right to your door. You’re welcome.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the many times we enjoyed outings with Reese in her lobster chair (and no judging our beer drinking baby – it’s a shameless promotion for our dear friends and the best beer and pizza in Penticton!)



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