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November 1, 2017

Hello Lovelies,

So we’ve been at this whole blogging thing for a few weeks now and while some of you know one of us most of you don’t know us both so we figured it’s about time you get to know Lauren and Lauren. Ten random things we would like to share with you about what makes us, us…


Lauren Poitras Xo



  1. My name is pronounced the boring way – Loren. My namesake was Lauren Bacall.
  2. I am born on a leap year and I’m left handed. My annual age is 33 and my quadrennial age is 8 and ¼…. Soon to be 8 and ½. I prefer to celebrate February 28th to keep my birthday month the same and honor my late grandfather, but most think I should keep March 1st since it’s the day immediately following the 28th. Fun fact: the chance of being born a left handed girl on February 29 is .0000249 or 249 out of 10,000,000 if you simplify the math. (Whoa sorry, I guess this turned into 25 things you might not know about me…)
  3. If money was irrelevant, I would own a studio and teach yoga. There are few things that bring me more joy than yoga.
  4. I, like Lauren, live for exercise of all types. It makes me happier, calmer and all around better for society.
  5. I prefer to have a glass of wine every day. Something that pairs nicely with my meal, or with my mood for that matter.
  6. I despised cooking until my daughter was born, and now I really quite enjoy being in the kitchen. I mostly have my sister to thank for any cooking skills I have gained to date.
  7. I crave the feeling of stepping off the plane in a foreign country and being totally engulfed in excitement as to the things we will see and do, and the people we will meet. I hope to pass that desire onto my child.
  8. Maui is my happy place. Period.
  9. My nearest and dearest friends are from my hometown, even after all these years. They are the most loving, wonderful and inspirational women that I could ever imagine having in my life and it brings me immense joy to watch them achieve their dreams and to raise our children together.
  10. One day I hope to live on a small acreage with lots of space to run and play and entertain guests. I feel so invigorated and unplugged when I am outside, and hope to create that at home every day.
  11. I have a serious affinity for greeting cards. I love reading through and finding a card that fits perfectly for any special occasion. My favorite latte + a specialty stationary store = heaven.


Lauren Badgley Ox

  1. My name is pronounced Laurenne, I think that’s the best way to write it when you can’t hear it. So, even though it’s spelled the same way as my lovely co-writer it’s not the same. My mom named me after Sophia Loren but chose to spell it Lauren and didn’t take into consideration that most people would pronounce my name wrong. Oh well, I used to be too shy to correct people but now I make sure I do cause I like my name… thanks Mom and Dad !
  2. I love coffee, LOVE coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was a little girl. My Italian Nonna would give us a little coffee and warm milk with biscotti for breakfast when were little. My love affair with coffee started young.
  3. Working out keeps me sane, happy and nice. I need to get my workouts in, that’s just the way it goes.
  4. I would love to own a wedding dress boutique. I love all things wedding but especially the dresses and that moment when a bride finds the dress! So, so special.
  5. I have always wanted three kids and can’t wait to grow our little family.
  6. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, never have been and I don’t think I ever will be.
  7. I love getting manicures and pedicures. I would get a mani/pedi weekly if I could. I desperately need one of each right now!
  8. My favourite flowers are orchids, preferably white orchids.
  9. I have wayyy too much Lululemon! I love it and usually wear something from Lulu every single day so that’s how I justify it. I bought my first pair of Lulu pants in 2000, me and Lulu, we go way back.
  10. My all time favourite show is Friends. The best show EVER, hands down!
  11. I have been with my husband for thirteen years, we started dating when I was in grade twelve. We have been married for six and I have had a crush on him since I first saw him back in the eighth grade. He is still my crush today.




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