Merry Chrismess

November 14, 2017

Hello Lovelies,

Well we are six weeks away from Christmas! Can you believe it?! How did that happen?? Yet another year has flown by…

As we started to think about gifts to give this year I knew that I wanted to give something  made by the boys to Nonna & Grandpa Paul and Grandma & Grandpa Jer… Jack is still a little too young to do much ‘crafting’ either the crafts are too difficult or his attention span just isn’t there and Linden is only 5 months old so…

That’s when I remembered the Chrismess aprons we made for our Grandparents and Aunts when I was little. They were relatively easy, adorable and affordable… DONE!

What you will need:

  • Plain white aprons (as many as you want to gift)
  • Fabric paint in the Christmas colours of your choice. We did green, red and black.
  • A paint brush

** We will be folding our aprons back up so that we can wrap them so we didn’t worry about the creases but if they bother you go ahead and either wash or iron your aprons first.

I️ wrote the ‘Merry Christmess’ on all of the aprons first and then let that dry while Jack napped so for roughly two hours. Then we did Jack’s hand prints and then Linden’s foot prints. I found it too hard to do Linden’s hand prints as I had initially planned, prying open his little fists to spread paint onto his palms and then trying to spread his hands flat onto the apron was a bit of a disaster, I tried…if you want to give it a try with your little once all the power to you!! With Jack I found that I really had to help guide his hand to a spot on the apron and then make sure to push down on each finger before pulling his hand up. The first one I let him do on his own and we got about two fingers and a bunch of palm prints because he moved his hand around too much. I used the paint brush to paint the fabric paint onto Jack’s hands and Lindens feet to make sure that I spread the paint evenly.

I️ wrote the boys names and the year along one side of the apron because I am sure I will forget when exactly we made these in a few years time. I wasn’t too worried about how messy the aprons looked since after all we were making Chrismess aprons and no mess is perfect! I think they turned out pretty well considering I was working with a two year old and 5 month old. Each set of grandparents will get one that they can wear for Christmas baking or BBQ’ing or turkey dinner prep! I know that they will have these aprons for years to come! I also made one for myself as a keepsake that I will pull out every Christmas season.

Hopefully, you are all inspired to get crafty with your little ones now! If you make these aprons or your own variation send us some photos, we would LOVE to see!!

Turn on the Christmas music, pull out the Christmas sweaters, make some hot chocolate and have fun getting all ready for a very Merry Chrismess!!

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